ELM STREET PARTNERS, LLC is a New Canaan, CT based real estate investment firm focused on commercial real estate assets, which provide attractive risk-adjusted returns and capital appreciation.  

The firm's two principals, Anthony Giordano and Harry J. Traub each have in excess of 35 years of commercial real estate experience.  Well versed in the complexities of the real estate and capital markets, the firm's investment activities focus on making opportunistic acquisitions in commercial real estate.

Elm Street Partners, LLC looks to create value from fundamentally conservative investments where preservation of capital is paramount.  We start with properties that have an attractive current cash flow and look for opportunities to enhance value.  Value-added strategies can include exploiting a financial or strategic need to sell; buying properties that would benefit from repositioning, renovation or expansion; and utilizing opportunistic exit strategies when appropriate. The firm's development activities focus on accretive opportunities in strategic markets in the Northeast.